2 Years since the new forum!

Today it is two years since this forum “went live”. All I can say is that it has gone really, really quick.

Thanks Falcon. I am really glad I was able to do this for everyone. I haven’t written a Journal article yet, so I feel this is what I can do for the IAA. I have to give a lot of props to John S. for being the webmaster, Ron for gardening during my many absences, Lew and Pepper for being progressive presidents for moving this forum forward, the IAA leadership who tested and signed off on this forum… Of course everyone else who positively contributes to the forum. The forum is nothing without the AMAZING content we have.


I was still at school wehn it started - I now work in a factory. The amount of ammunition knowledge I have gained through it is just off the scale.

If this Forum is a lady, she has a few warts, but she is still beautiful. Nothing is perfect but you guys who run this thing have come pretty close.
It is, unquestionably, along with the Spanish Forum, a better source of information thanall of my 400 or so books on ammunition combined.

Kudos to all involved in getting it going and maintaining it.

I think someone may be falsely using John Moss’s name here. As I recall, the real John Moss had some old computer that he barely got email from grandkids on, and swore he could never figure out something complicated like a forum, or how to post pictures or print stuff off of a forum, etc.

Oh, how the times have changed…

Thanks to everyone who participates and share their knowledge. We have all learned, and IAA is truly functioning in an international manner. Foreign language speakers display an amazing command of English, while I (and most Americans) seldom can work with anything more than English. No one will be criticized for language skills.

Looking ahead, I would hope to see more use of the Buy-Sell-Trade area, maybe a collector looking for a few rounds they want, or have some to sell, or authors or auctions or publishers and show promoters. Lots of opportunities for free advertising with near instantaneous results.

If in doubt about something being political, it probably is, so please put it over on that area. I will be less ruthless about locking and deleting there than on the main forum where it better be cartridges. The reason is to enhance the value of the general ammunition discussion forum in the long term as an archive of useful information.

And, special thanks to Paul Smith, Mel Carpenter, CSAEOD and the others who provide cartridge of the month material. I AM BEGGING FOR MORE so we can have them lined up waiting to post, instead of hoping some kind soul will send one in at the last minute.

Well I just want to say thanks as well, as a relative newcomer I didn’t know how it all got started. And its a good opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas (oops sorry, we are supposed to say Merry Holiday now)

Oh to heck with all this political correctness, MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all of you out there and your families.


To John Moss,
When you say “It is, unquestionably, along with the Spanish Forum, a better source of information”, exactly which Spanish forum do you mean?

Munciones.Org I think this the name of it. I find it that way. It is a great cartridge site. It is in the Spanish language, but even with my rudimentary Spanish, I have had no trouble reading most of the material on it.

Thanks, I use it too. I just thought I might be missing on something good.

John: A web ware called babel fish can translate the whole web site well enough that even if you can not say bathroom in Spanish you can understand what is going on.