20 GA Lake Erie Baby Giant Gas Projector (& more)

I stumbled across the Lake Erie Baby Giant Gas Projector in cal. 20GA.
Now I wonder how the original 20GA tear gas cartridges were looking like.
Does anybody have images of these? Variants? Types?

Image source: internet

C’mon Pepper. Show us the variations you have.

2.5" long, will this work?

Yup in the morning

Pete, thanks a lot! I kinda expected they would have markings on the closure lid.

Let’s look forward to what Pepper may have in his hat.

As far as I’m aware Lake Erie mostly marked their products on the side of the case. This example, if it is by Lake Erie is unmarked.

Answers = $1
Those that require thought = $2
Dumb looks = still free !!

You guys decide :)

(PS…trying to create this at home on my I phone is arduous…at work with dual screens; better scanner…a no brainer

It would seem when the “bible” of tear gas…Tear Gas Munitions by Thomas Swearengen was written 1966…the Lake Erie “Baby Giant” was known as the “Detective”

If Mel Carpenter and I were next door neighbors…we could “attempt” (my collection; his writing) to update such an awesome text…“ain’t happening” !!!

Two of the same “Giants” (one more worn)
The aluminum gizmo (???)…I have no story for you
NOTE…I do NOT recall any “chamber pin” (to block long shell cases) in any of my examples

Yup…this box has all split brass bases (dead battery in caliper)
(the top case has very faint case markings…seems Lake Erie)

Nice box…I rotated the examples so you can see the case markings

Five misc. 20 tear gas rounds…only the plastic hull is un makred

Four Lake Erie 12 Ga. examples with a 20 Ga at bottom (just for goggles)

Blessings to you guys who post multiple photos and descriptions
(this was nearly a two hour project; selections; photos; scans; edits…but I love the Forum)



Great reply/post, as I figured it would be. To easily read the text, all I had to do was hold down the Ctrl button and hit the + button, 5 times for my screen. Is there any special purpose stuff you don’t have tons of? The 2 hours you spent was well worth it, thanks. Interesting that Swearengen was a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps when he wrote the book. Wonder where he found the time.

Pepper, this is awesome info! Thanks a lot!
Quite more than I had expected.

I understand the aluminum colored launcher (bottom) has a different (smaller) caliber?

Now adding the blasphemic question:
Who knows something about the Yugoslav post war copy of these in 20GA?
Including the ammo.

Yup. Correct the aluminum gizmo is a .410 (I was misleading)

So two .410’s on top

Then the three 20’s. Obviously the bottom one is dual opposing barrels

Pepper, thanks again!

What is that two-barrel thingy now?

Scans R Us

“Dictator”! Awesome naming!

Again thanks Pepper!
So the opposite barrels are not of a specific meaning except for having 2 shots.

Alex, the Yugoslavian 20 ga. cartridges are black with a skull and crossbones symbol. I have pictures somewhere, but can’t find under any known manufacturer.

Where did you read about this variant? It may serve as a clue.



Fede, my contacts in former Yugoslavia told me about.
The cases with the scull are made by “Puskarna Kranj”. But that does not tell who loaded/manufactured the final cartridge.
And even worse, there are also signal cartridges existing. Here are also details/documents are wanted.
The Yugoslav projector was used by their police by jail guards I was told. Today obsolete.