20 mm Madsen T-2 round


I’m looking for a better quality drawing cross-section or photos 20 mm Madsen tracer round - “T-2”.
In particular I am interested in the construction of the closing the sleeve with tracer mass.
Shell black painted with red-green top.
In 23 mm Madsen i think is a similar 23mm Madsen (Sectioned)

Simplified drawing from the analysis:

I found this topic: Coat of many colors or colours
This is experimental “T2” round “only in Kynoch” made manufacture?
In report from Aberdeen Proving Ground, 8.11.1940 is in list with other type rounds:


Przemek, the T2 is not experimental. Why do you think so?

Here the best I have (from Labbett’s work on the 20mm Madsen):

Here is a pic from the German “booklet” i have on 20mm Madsen ammo.

Here is a copy of the booklet.
It’s on dropcanvas so it will dissapper in 7 days, get it while it’s on!

Hello Chickenthief,
My computer shows a virus in the file and blocks the download.
Can you please check it.

I got Bitdefender on my PC and i can asure you that the PDF file has no virus.
Maybe your system gives a false positive because of dropcanvas?

Right so i converted the PDF into JPG files.


THANKS ! great stuff

Ah ok,. I based on text from Coat of many colors or colours

Thanks for image and .pdf, it looks like there were two versions of T2 [construction and sleeve].
I have a info from PL report [second half of 1938] about >aluminium< sleeve for tracer mass in T2 from “my image and EOD image”.
In images from .pdf sleeve is red, and in description - copper.
I wonder where this difference in two round of the same name comes from. [improvement?]

Found an old German instruction manual on the 20mm Madsen:


Peeew! That upload took the best part of an hour :)

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From a short publication by the former Texas Cartridge Collectors organization entitled Texas Cartridge Collectors Special No. 2 The Madsen Cartridges

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