20 mm Oerlikon HZ Projectile Drawing (1936)

I have found this nice color drawing of a 20 mm Oerlikon HZ projectile in the Argentine contract documentation:

Hello Fede
When was that contract done?

Was this ammo for the Oerlikon 20mm L70 Modelo Argentino 1938? Which Oerlikon gun was this?

Hello, the different documents of the contract were approved by the Argentine Comission between mid to late 1937. The guns were JLaS and PLaS models, both adopted as “Modelo 1938”.

JLaS and PLaS sounds like mounting designations to me. I suspect it was the Oerlikon gun type S, chambered for 20x110RB, right?

The gun alone was designated Oerlikon S, but JLaS and PLaS designates a complete gun in a mobile (tripod/wheeled) or fixed (pedestal) configuration and not just the mounting. You are right regarding its caliber.

Thank you for clarifying that and for showing the colored drawing (I just know a b/w version until now).

Some ammunition in this caliber made in and for Argentina during the 1970-80’s was even marked “Cñ ILAS L/70” or “Cñ 20/70 ILAS”, so here is not rare to hear collectors call this case type the “20 mm ILaS”.

Also, I forgot to mention that the first Argentine color code for this projectile was all red (except fuze).