20 mm projo...what is it?

Maybe common…but I was staring at it on my shelf…and thought…just that…what is it ? (not the common 20 mm TP-T placed for scale)

Could it be a Phalanx trial/experimantal or even a production round ?

I am clueless…not “my thing”

(I stop at 50 cal unless it’s less lethal and tear gas gizmos)


Sure looks like the sabot for the .50 BMG and 12.7 Russian SLAP rounds produced by WCC, except in 20mm. Drop Jim Frigiola a note and see what his take is on it.

It must be experimental. The only saboted service rounds in 20x102 I know of are the MK149 and MK244 for the Phalanx naval CIWS. These have their projectiles entirely enclosed within the plastic sabots.

Very interesting for sure. I hope someone ID’s it. I also have only seen the completely encased penetrator 20MM rounds, never one like this. Super cool!