20 mm shell case-a mystery-case?


Can anyone help me with this:

I recently found a 20mm shell case in a cellar, and I thought I could ID it after a few easy seaches on the internet. I was wrong!

The case is “about” 20mm in diameter (the top is a bit buckled) and 11 cm high and therefore most likely for a Hispano 20mm (got that from the internet).

But the headstamp is the real mystery. It bears the marking XF 5429 and very faintly at the other side it says KE 5179.

It has left me (and quite a few people at warrelics.eu) bewildered, so if anyone can shed some light over this mystery, it will be most welcome.

For pictures, please visit the below site on Warrelics.eu:


Your photos can only be seen by members of that forum.
At 110mm, you have 2 common and one “not so common” choices
20x110 Orelikon
20x110 Hispano Suzza
20x110 USN

The Orelikon has a rim that is much smaller than the base (rebated rim) IE .87 rim vs a .97 base
The HS has a rim that is the same size as the base IE about .97"
The USN has a 1.1" diameter base (same as the 20x102 Vulcan)


Allan, aren’t there also 2 segment lines and a stylized crown? (might be very faint)

Sounds much like a Swedish 20x110 HS 404.


Thanks for reply!

I am sorry about the link. I wasn’t aware that you had to be a member to view the pictures and I am afraid I don’t know how to post a picture here :-(

I think EOD is on to something…there might actually be a VERY faint crown stamped just below the KE 5179 stamp. Do you know anywhere I can find more information?

The rim has the same size as the base = Hispano Suiza 404



This should help.



Thanks Glenn :-)

PS: Could you please PM me and tell me how you upload pictures?


[quote=“allantherk”]Thanks Glenn :-)

PS: Could you please PM me and tell me how you upload pictures?[/quote]

He copied it to his photobucket account, and posted it from there (right click on the photo, than select “image information” (or which ever similar choice your browser gives you)

BTW, just so you have a comparison, (l-r 20x102, (2) 20x110 HS, (2) 20x110RB (Orelikon) 20x138B