20 rd 7.65 Br box

John, by now I have not seen confirmedly left over pre WW2 cases form Ctzechia being repacked after the war.
And again an assumption but given the extreme amounts of ammunition made (in Czechoslovakai) and used during the war I wonder if some Czech pre war production survived it all just to be marketed after 1945.
Sure we all know WW2 production (including components) which were used by Czech forces after 1945.
But again, I have not seen pre war material.
So going by these two “likelynesses” I think Sidney is wroing. In particular as he stated SPB to be all pre war manufacture not knowing it was made later and also in steel cases.
Drawing the slightest and far fetched explanation to make incorrect statements sound right is not the way we usually do business.
Sure we can keep on nitpicking words for ever.