20 x 102mm Ammunition Produced by NWM, Pamphlet (1985)

20 x 102mm NWM Ammunition (1985).pdf (2.0 MB)


Brian, thanks for sharing !

I remember reading in “The War Business” (1970s) that NWM was supplying the US forces in Vietnam ( via MAC C5s) 20x102 ammo within five days from exiting the factory…ie, from warehouse to aircraft, Holland to Vietnam ( maybe a refuel at Diego Garcia), landing at Than Son Nut ( Saigon) or Cam Ran Bay, and immediately arming up the above noted VN war noted fighters.
So it could be said that " Made Monday… expended Saturday or Sunday…"
Not even in the last years of WWII was this rapidity achieved.

Doc AV

I would not say that, there is reports where German ammo factories were still working with audible artillery fire in the vicinity. Means ammo delivered to the soldiers was “still warm from production”. i.e. it was only hours old.

Speaking of NWM and 20mm, this might be a good time to review the history of Henk Visser, who was very much involved in 20mm ammunition (among MANY other things. His first 20mm job was making fuze components for the Nazis, as a slaver laborer with a death sentence for his work in the Dutch resistance. He got out of that, and was instrumental in the NWM purchase of the U.S. St. Louis Arsenal 20mm production line (for a pittance). He was later involved with all sorts of other interesting projects, and assembled one of the world’s greatest private arms collections.

Two fascinating interviews in Small Arms Review. (you may get a security warning on the second one, but it is okay).