20 x 110 bullet identification - red/gray/white *PIC*

Can anyone tell me what type of bullet this is?

this shell is an High Explosive Incendiary HEI (i can read this on the shell)
i see similar color on shells on vietnam era period

Thank you for the quick reply. Is it legal for a civilian to own in the US?

all live explosive shell are illegal in USA
it’s live do no try to disarm it because it extremely dangerous

As to legal in the US, maybe is the answer.
A projectile may contain up to a limited amount of explosives and/or incendary mixture and be legal to own.
I do not have references available to me right now as to what that limit is.
But generally speaking 20mm projectiles contain less than the legal limit.

generally a 20mm projectile contain much that the legal limit (i think is 3grms)

a 14.5mdz or 12.7 raufoss is legal to own except few states where incendiary projectiles are prohibited

I guess I’ll pass on this one. Someone is selling it locally for $10.