20 x 110 draw set

Here’s what I believe is a 20 x 110mm 7 piece draw set. These ‘larger than .50 cal’ items are well outside my area of expertise, assuming I have one. I thought these pictures might be of interest to some of the forum contributors who get excited about these bigger cartridges and might be able to educate me. The two pieces on the right are headstamped.

Beautiful indeed!

That’s interesting - I have an Hispano case which I believe to be part of a draw set, but it has a rim, and doesn’t resemble any of the ones in your pic!

Their is a guy on EBAY selling a similiar, but different set of these. I think they are 37 MM. I’ll look for the link.

Here is the link. Pretty interesting.

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … &rd=1&rd=1

20mm Oerlikon draw set. Sorry for the poor quality picture. Brass plate reads


Headstamp on these is WB 1943 20-MM MK-2.

@Tony Williams, look at the 5th case from the right.

I think this was produced for a WW2 production display for the education of the public, but am not sure.


Yes, that looks more like it.

Here are two draw sets I took a picture of in FM FLB if someone is interested to have a copy.

The Oerlikon is a rebated rim case, the Hispano is rimless. The top photo looks like an HS to me.

When you mean Fernando’s boards they are a 30x113B DEFA (top) and a 20x139 HS 820 (bottom).

Fernando’s post wasn’t there when I posted mine. The case at the top of the thread vs the mounted draw set below that.

Sorry, was I was not sure about.

This is not a full draw set.

  • @ Guy Hildebrand: Your interesting pictures show the 20X110 rimless Hispano shell case. The impressed headstamp markings “20MM M21A1” over “NS 52” show the year of manufacture “1952” and the shell case maker’s mark “NS” which stands for “Norris Stamping & Manufacturing Co.” from California [Los Angeles]. This ammo maker manufactured “M21A1” 20X110 Hispano shell cases between 1950-52. Liviu 06/11/07


I have also seen a “rimmed” 20x110mm case which I believe was part of a draw set. The turning of the rim and extracture groove must have been a late operation in some factories.


I appreciate the information. Thanks.

Yes - different factories seem to have carried out some of the stages of manufacture in a different order from others, which is interesting to note.