20 x 110 HS identification needed


Can someone identify this 20 x 110 Hispano projectile? It shows up in Spain from time to time, so I think it’s safe to guess it was purchased by the Spanish Army (more specifically, the Spanish Air Force, which used Hispano-Suiza AA guns and also aircraft guns, I believe).

Karl R. Pawlas in his book (1) shows a drawing of this projectile and says it is an API load with both nose and base incendiary loads and both nose and base fuzes. I can’t recall having seen another projectile with two fuzes.

The “226-54” stencilled inscription on the projectile must be the lot number and the year, but what does it mean the “N17-H” engraved in the projectile body?

(1) Karl R. Pawlas, Munitions-lexikon, Band 2, 1977


All I can say is that this is a typical Swiss manufacture API as it was (is?) used by various countries.
It is found in several color codings as per the regarding country’s regulations.

There is also a variant where the rear cavity is holding a tracer composition.

The stencilled markings on the projectile body are certainly factory internal lot markings.