20 x 110 Oerlikon RB


I found a 20 x 110 Oerlikon RB shell.
It has a lacquered steel case and a black pointed bullet.
th hstp is va wb483 41 32.

Was this shell of common use by Germany during WWII ???




From “20 x 110mm Oerlikon, Markings & Identification”, TCCA, 1980’s; p 15



The projectile most likely does not belong to this case.


Why ?



The copper driving band implies an early production likely before 1940 or so.

The documented German AP projs. for this caliber are those of the 20x138B Navy “SAPHE-T-SD” which I never saw with a copper driving band.

If you can pull your projectile and check the cavity and find it to be a “normal” APHE and if production data (year) will be 1940 or earlier then the cartridge is just something stuffed together.