20 x 110 RB


I recently picked this up at an antique store. Not really my thing by it was so cheap I couldn’t resist. I thinks it’s a 20mm x 110RB. Of course I just had to take it apart to see the headstamp. What can you tell me about it?
20x110rb20mm 110rb HS




M.D.C. = Michigan Die Casting Co., Detroit, MI (USA). MK 3 Oerlikon cartridge case.

R.V. = ???

The projectile is probably for the 20x110mm Hispano.



your 20x110 case is a chromated case ,not very common
i had an oportunity to bought a round with chromated case but the projo appear to be an HEI (and it loaded) so i don’t bought this

i never see other american 20x110 rb with chromated case


The chrome plating could have been done later when the case was converted into an ornamental piece.


Falcon, the shown case has the usual appearance of US steel cases.
Here it seems unlikely that someone did this later.
Also I am not sur eif somebody would then Chromate the case instead of Chrome plating it.


Is this Chrome plated? It looks like a Cadmium plated steel case to my eye.

So to begin with is it a steel case? or a brass case?


i had a mistake
effectively i talk about cadmium plated case (the round on the link that i shared)

the round on the post maybe altered for ornament (look zinc plated)


Thanks for the replies.

It’s a steel case (cadmium plated?). the projectile is steel with a brass screw on tip and a copper driving band. No markings on the projectile.



These steel cased 20x110RB Oerlikons were originally finished in a brass/gold ‘anodised’ look,I can’t recall the correct term for it,the one in the original post is very worn but traces of it can be seen on the headstamp.
Photo is of one not so worn and still has ‘traces’ of the original stenciling.
I agree with Brian that the projectile is not Oerlikon.



From the photo I wondered if it could be poorly applied plating which had worn away with cleaning.

I now see that it is original.