20 x 138B 'Long Solothurn' FlaK

that dreaded newbie here with the with that caught in headlights stupid FIRST question, but the truth is occasionally on my hunt for daggers I do acquire ordnance. Sooooooooooooo… here it is???

Just this weekend I found two complete 20 x 138B ‘Long Solothurn’ FlaK empty brass (struck primers) BUT the projectiles??? I

Welcome John.

I can’t answer your question but I think you are correct by treating them as live and should take care with them until they are declared inert by someone with the correct knowledge.

so far the 20x138b proj may be 120 grams and I belive it is so marked (120g Br.) in red text on proj! My two weigh in at 110 grams so I’m thinkin empty!?!? More to come

Hello John,

You should post photos if you can, even if we can’t help you, they would be neat to see.
I have a few rounds of 20x138B in my collection, but mine are all either AP and APT and I’m not familiar at all with the HE versions. Wish I could tell you something useful.

Anyway, be careful, good luck, and welcome to the board!

Ok then! Good news! EMPTY! Poor photo $10 camera but here ya go

shutter04.pictures.aol.com/data/ … D40160.jpg

Glad they were empty and thanks for posting a picture.

Best 20x138b 20 x 138 mm



20 x 138 B Flak Planches extraites du Manuel du Canon

histavia21.net/amaviapag/20f … xtrait.htm

MUNITIONS DE 2 cm FLAK ou 20 x 138 B


links.pictures.aol.com/pic/1580q … 3Ig=_l.jpg

The tracer element, removed now with a drill bit that fit

It may be of interest to establish that the correct caliber designation is 20x138B Rheinmetall.

“Solothurn” is a misslead assumption which has emerged with designations for / from the AT rifle.

Just wanted to welcome you to the IAA and its forum, John. Really great pictures and links, thanks. I was a newbie here not to long ago and have gained immeasurable knowledge since joining the IAA. It is really nice seeing another interested large ordnance collector and poster here, WELCOME BIG TIME!!!