20 x 139 "D 00 VM" Headstamp?


I posted this headstamp question a couple of times on the old forum, and no-one seemed to know it. Someone must know where a 20 x 139 rimless steel-cased round with the headstamp “20mm D 00 VM” was made. This seems European to me, maybe some of our European counterparts will be able to help. I will be extremely grateful if anyone can answer this for me.


I mean this is a dutch cartridge and “VM” stand for “Metaalwarenfabriek Venlo”, but i’m not sure.


Falcon / Rob,

This round is absolutely not Dutch!
The Dutch factory NWM “De Kruithoorn”, a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Waffen & Munition GmbH, was the only manufacturer of 20x139 ammo in the Netherlands
about the period 1980-1998.

I’m never heard before about this 20mmx139 headstamp.

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I’ll post a photo if you want, I’d be really grateful if you could find anything on this round, it has bugged me for ages.



do you know what “Metaalwarenfabriek Venlo” manufactured has?




“Metaalwarenfabriek Venlo” (VM) was in the period 1958-1972 a manufacturer of unloaded ammunition components.

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Thank’s rob

rob :)


This case is really getting on my nerves nowadays, I would be dead grateful if anyone could find any piece of info on it, no matter how small.



please show a photo of the headstamp


It is very difficult to photograph as the round is painted black and the lines that make up the letters are quite thin. I can post a scanned drawing if that will help.


I did not pay much attention to this thread as I do not collect 20mm, but seeing your description of the case, I am fairly sure this is South African manufacture.

I have a similar (rusty) black painted case that is headstamped 20mm A 94 SE that is definitely South African. Does yours have the screw-in promer?



Yes, mine does have a brass screw-in primer marked “DM 64 343 D01”. The central cap is also brass, and sealed with red annulus. I got five of these fired cases and their links from the end of a belt of at least 100 at the War and Peace show in 2005. The seller told me I could have them if I managed to get them off, which was hard work, but I did manage, so I got them for free. Could “D” possibly be Denel? I could try contacting them, but the person who reads the email probably wouldn’t know about their medium calibre ammunition products.


It could very well be Denel, as I believe the A on South African ammo is Armscor.

Mine also has the same DM64 screw-in primer, though obviously with different Lot and date numbers. Mine came from a sales demonstration of current SA MGs and cannon for the British military.

I am sure yours is South African.



I know there are a few iAA members based in South Africa. Do any of them specialise in medium calibre cannon ammo? Maybe they could give some more info.


Here is a scan of a sketch I did of the headstamp. I can’t post the real thing because I don’t have a scanner, and have to use one in school. Don’t want any teachers confiscating my cases.

The case is painted gloss black, the primer assembly and cap are brass. The cap is surrounded by clear red annulus. The ring around the edge of the case head is a slight bevel. For anyone who has trouble seeing it, the case says “20mm D 00 VM” and primer says “DM 64 343 D01”.