200+ Pictures from the St Louis International Cartridge Show

Here is a link to an album of 200+ pictures from the St. Louis International Cartridge Show!



The first half up until the end of the banquet/auction pictures are taken by Jerrell F. Janik. The second half are mine.

nice pictures
it’s would be a dream for me to go on this type of meeting

Well done Aaron! Sorta makes me feel like I am still there. It was truly my best show, of three, and it’s worth everything I had to spend and go thru to get there. My table is already reserved for next year.

Very nice. Had a great time. Ready for next year.

Aaron, thank you for taking the trouble to post these photos.

I look so angry!!!
Aaron, why didn’t you tell me to smile? I’m a nice person…really!

I posted a reply to these pictures yesterday, and saw it posted, I am sure, but it has now disappeared from the Forum. I don’t know why, since for once I had only nice things to say.

I want to thank everyone for posting those pictures. They are great. I especially love the fact that there are so many of the attendees, and not just the cartridges and displays. For a long time, the social contacts of meeting old friends, and making new friends, has been for me the outstanding feature of the SLICS. A great bunch of people! Not being able to attend any longer, the pictures helped renew my thoughts of all the guys and gals that go to the show. It was a great pleasure to see them.

Thank you again!

Thanks. This was the first year I have missed for a while so it is good to see the usual suspects!


Great photo’s, I will make it over one day


Aaron, Nice job, thanks.
Hey guys my wife says I have Post St. Louis Depression Syndrome.
I can’t wait until next year SLICS 2014.

Great pics, thanks.I missed this year too. Hope the future is brighter. My aging memory is going down. May somebody remind me why St. Louis has been chosen to replace the old Chicago(?) show? Wouldn’t a place like Las Vegas, with its cheap hotels and great entertainment (and eating places) be a better place? I drove around St.Louis and some parts of it are as bad as you can get (even without flooding).

My understanding is that St. Louis replaced the Chicago environ for the show due to increasing costs, regulations both local and from the state of Illinois, and a decline of service when they redid the hotel the show was in, which I can attest to - I walked out of the restaurant one morning after ordering breakfast, because I waited 3/4 hour from the time I ordered and nothing was brought to the table. They did not give me the courtesy of any service so I did not give them the courtesy of cancelling the breakfast. In my opinion St. Louis is a much better location than Chicago ever was - nicer folks at the hotel staff, closer to the airport, etc., etc.

About the poor areas of St. Louis, I never knew my way around Chicago, but it is such a sewer of crime that I didn’t much like leaving the hotel.

Personally, I would love to see the show in Las Vegas, but have to admit that St. Louis is more central not only to the U.S., but it seems also to where most of the cartridge collectors are.

Thanks for the photos, and for everyone involved in making SLICS so much fun every year.

Given the hassles involved with flying, especially with ammo, and the many folks interested in heavier items than are practical to fly with, a geographically central location is preferable to Las Vegas or other near coastal location. Mel and Vic have done a great job negotiating with the hotel, so we are getting fine quality accommodations for about as good a rate as you can get anywhere, and a staff that seems to like having us there. No need to even consider a move in my opinion, and I drive about 1400 miles (each way).

[quote=“cartguy”]Hey guys my wife says I have Post St. Louis Depression Syndrome.

Nice Zac! My wife hasn’t said it but I freely admit it, I do! Don’t think I’ll look for any treatment for it until maybe June. Vic will be having a clinic open then, I think.

Yes, Vic’s Williamsport Clinic is in June, and we have another one in Morgantown, PA in August. I you play your cards right you can just about survive until the next SLICS. If not, there is a Fall “Booster” in Ohio.

Aaron thanks for posting the photos.
This year was the first time I was able to attend SLICS and as a first timer it was fantastic! I had 6.5 hours at the show with only one day off from work and I made every second of it count.
The show staff- excellent! All the table holders and show attendees I visited with were all very friendly.
The first table I encountered belonged to IAA President Pepper Burruss and he proceeded to load me up with a good pile of stuff (including some nice freebies) and with each new table the pile just got bigger and bigger with cartridges and some books until the funds ran out! I loaded up the truck and got home around midnight and had one heck of a time getting to sleep! I can hardly wait to do that again next year.

Don’t tell our secrets ! :)

My first couple of “newbie” shows (early 80’s ICCA Chicagoland shows) the “oldsters” of that day (of which I have become…these days) “loaded” me up with many complimentary rounds that would have drained/wiped out my limited budget.

That left an impression on me and although they did not say “you return the favor one day” (to another young collector)…the implication was there.

‘simply realize…us “oldsters” are just trying to set the hook to keep you coming back (so you can return the favor one day down the road)

Enjoy the hunt…it’s often better than the find!

Good job guys.

Thank you SO MUCH, Aaron for posting all the great photos. I spent over an hour going over each one last night. So awesome getting to see all the IAA members in photos and looking at every inch of every table top. So many incredible displays and specimens of all kinds. I will admit, it took me a while to stop looking at the photos of Pepper’s, “Half” display. “WOW” is an understatement! Thanks big time, Aaron!


As a Brit, I for one would appreciate some names being put to the faces and also to some of the displays. Also, with the passing of time it would help in recording the event for posterity. Great photos, thanks for that, wish I could have gone but it will never happen.

All my available time (and budget) is being taken up with visiting battlefields (etc) in Europe again. I stopped going after my father died because its no fun on your own, but my son now comes with me provided there is a spin off place to interest him.