2000 Sydney Olympics - Russian 22 box


I picked this 22lr box up from a range bin at the 2000 Sydney Olympics along with a few others (Lapua, Federal, RWS).

The box is black plastic with an orange/yellow slide out tray. The small printed paper slip was inside.
Other than what is shown in the picture, I dont know anything else about the box or contents. Can anyone add any info?


The brown insert says: “Female packer #3”. I have problems reading the rest, it is too dark.


Thanks for that translation - I guessed it was some sort of quality control type slip.
Sorry about the darkness of the pics. It was quite hard to get the settings right on the scanner to get even that quality. It is easily readable on my computer but my screen may be set differently.
I will try to lighten and increase the contrast…


Is this version easier to read?


These are made by Klimovsk “KSPZ”. Their military code was 711 and is 61 today.


And did anyone notice how OLD this ammo was…made in 1994 for the 2000 Olimpics??? I would have thought they would have used more recently made ammo…the Italians and the Other European Countries certainly would have used either 1999 or even 2000 Production ammo.

Maybe this was the back-up training ammo, or were the Russians that badly off???

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


I did notice that too. As you said - maybe practise ammo. Possibly a good batch that was put aside for competition.
I was also wondering if it may have been used by one of the other Soviet Countries and not Russia itself. No way to tell though.


I know such a box dated from 2000. Maybe this ammunition was developed for the olympics and then of course being used in the training since the years before 2000. Strange though that a 1994 dated box made it to Sydney.


I just got to know that there is also such a red box named “OLIMP-B” and has the additional marking “Biatlon”.