2002 7.92x57


Anybody know more about the origin of this case? Original primer was brass with three stab crimps.


I just happen to have that exact cartridge on my shelf. I beleive these were sold under the “Olympic” brand here in the US. Made in Greece or for Greece… somewhat of a mystery surrounding the company and it’s ammunition sourcing as I recall. Some serious quality issues have been mentioned too…



I have a box of these cartridges. The back says " OLYMPIC INDUSTRIES S.A. Axioupoli-Kilkis-61400" and “Made in Greece”. I seriously doubt this last. as far as I can tell the only loading equipment that Olympic ever had in Greece was a set of Ukrainian equipment for the 9x19mm that they bought illegally and were sued for buying. Most of their ammo looks to be made on contract. The headstamp format is identical to 9x19mm that has been identified by a knowledgable source as Iranian production.

I have no documentation on this headstamp one way or the other, and it is difficult to sort out Olympic production. Much of their 9mm production seems to have been in cases bought surplus from the East European countries.

If anyone has information on Olympic, please post it.




Just to broaden the picture a bit, I believe we had in the US, Olympic imports in 9x19, 7.92x57, 7.62x39, and 7.62x54R. I also recall a catalog reference to 7.62x25, but I never saw or heard of any specimens. I think I fired all of it and it was very dirty, but serviceable ammo…except for the 9mm. The 9x19 was very hot and inconsistent, and I stopped using it in any of my pistols.


to me the headstamp has an Iranian look. BTW, Phil showed a loaded cartridge here: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/iranian-saa-packaging/7730/7&hilit=olympic+iran#p61919



They also sold a 5.56x45 SS109 load headstamped “NPA 01 5.56x45”. I suspect they loaded the 9x19mm with the EDP headstamp, given its poor quality, and perhaps the 9x19mm with other headstamps. Does anyone know whether they loaded or contracted for the other calibers of ammunition?



From what I have seen, the 9x19 and 7.62x39 had their EDP headstamp, and the 7.92 and x54R had the headstamp shown above.


Thanks for the link Hans. I have a couple of those 7.62x54R cases, headstamp is E.D.P (no ending period/over) 7.62X54R 02. Like the 7.92X57, .217 berdan primer is brass, has three stab crimps.

Stab crimps differ from those on 7.92X57, which closely resemble those found on Yugo * 12 * 53 -headstamped 7.92x57 (12 = Igman Kavod now in Bosnia and Herzegovina), but that was 50 years earlier.

Also I recall the E.D.P. 7.62X39 cases, they had small primers, and red primer seal like the Prvi Partizan and Igman Zavod military ammo. The E.D.P. 9mm ammo was the worst I ever encountered. I saw more split E.D.P. 9mm cases than all other makers combined. They all went to the scrap metal dealer/recycling center.


There were a few fired cases of 9mmP headstamped “9x19 00” found mixed in a large lot of fired EDP 9mmP cases by Olympic which implies a that there was a link between Olympic and Iran.



The E.D.P 9X19 headstamps. The standard on the right, the rarer smaller font on the left.