2009 Hornady Catalog

Just got mine. For those of us with simpler minds and lack of sufficient funds, this is a great gift. Lots of pictures. Found out stuff, like that there even was a .338 Marlin Express!!! And I thought I knew everything. The artwork on the cutaway/sectioned rounds is worth the price.

And then I found this info on the .338 ME: chuckhawks.com/column40_338Marlin.htm

I saw a Hornady magazine-type catalog in the store the other day. I didn’t pick it up yet. I wonder if it’s the same thing, just repackaged. Well off to the store…

No, it’s a different publication. More of a magazine. This is strictly a catalog.

Today I got a copy of “The Complete Guide to Hornady” in a newsagents in the UK. It is a VERY strange thing to find in there, you can get imported US gun magazines at the large stores selling magazines. However, I found this at the average Indian run corner shop near where I work, it has a sticker stuck over the US bar code and price with a price in UK Pounds (

I have gotten the last two catalogs by going to there web site and asking to be included on there mailing list. FREE vic

I got the Hornady 2009 Catalog free today, along with the usual large Hornady Ammo chart as a separate item. I got the Hornady Magazine - the history one - about three weeks ago, again, free.

So in the UK they made me pay

Falcon–Go to www.hornady.com and sign up for “Team Hornady”. I don’t know if they honor outside the USA memberships or not, but it can’t hurt to try it. It is free and this is how all of us have been getting FREE stuff, including the Hornady booklet you just paid for. I get free wall-size (about 36x30) bullet and cartridge posters, annual catalogs, that really great history of Hornady, ballistic CD’s, etc. all the time from them. And it is ALL FREE, just for signing up.

What does mean : Passport HINT ??

Hornady has done well with customer service and response to segment-market demand. They seem to be more nimble than the largest manufacturers (Winchester, Remington, etc.) but definitely have more human and materiel capital than many of the smaller ‘boutique’ loaders (DoubleTap, Buffalo Bore, etc.). They have also won ‘points’ with me for having a majority of their loadings available in commercial/civilian guise, unlike Federal and Speer.

My rep at Hornady has been wonderfully responsive, and she is a great help in selecting and obtaining products for my agency.

With regards to the ‘centerfold’ pages…my wife picked up a Speer LE catalog near the PC, and when the gatefold slid open she laughed. She’d been expecting at least a scantily-dressed model holding a gun, but nope—just pics of expanded bullets.

[quote=“jean-pierre”]What does mean : Passport HINT ??

That should be ‘password’ hint. It is intended to remind you what your Team Hornady password is if you forget it.

[quote=“Guy Hildebrand”]JP,
That should be ‘password’ hint. It is intended to remind you what your Team Hornady password is if you forget it.[/quote]