2010 Denver, PA Cartridge Show Photos with fixed links


There are about 47 pictures at the links below. I tried to be mindful of peoples faces who did not want their picture taken. It sure was a great time and this being my third show period, I came back feeling like I was seeing old friends.

I have links below to two albums.
The same pictures are on both links but the first link is full size with better detail while the second link is lower quality but faster downloading.
My thanks to all of you who so graciously gave tremendous detail to my friend and I. A great time was had by all.

Munitionguy (Smitty)

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Great pics, Smitty, luckily I am nowhere to be seen, otherwise future cartridge show attendance would drop to zero. Good seeing you again.


I think I saw your hand, resting on a table, on the side of one pic, Vlad. =D

What is in this box in front of the cannon?


I asked the seller the same, he said that they were ORIGINAL paper cartridges, muy viejos.


I asked about those also. They had no connection to the cannon.


Nice gun. Interesting, somebody was afraid of it?


No, no fear. I wanted to buy it but my wife said NO!