2010 Denver, PA Cartridge Show!


I posted full info for the 2010 PA Cartridge Collectors Show, August 13-14, at the Holiday Inn in Denver, PA, on the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, be sure to take a look!!!

We’d love to see lots of current and future members of both the IAA and the IAA Forum there. Table space is limited, but there are still a couple available. Please contact me with any questions.


What kind of discount one gets if one stays at that Holiday Inn?


You will have to call the hotel for any special discounts beyond the show rate. Be sure to mention you are attending the cartridge show.


To answer an asked question…Yes, there will be a table-holder set-up Thursday afternoon.


We have now reached table capacity, but a waiting list has already been started, as there are always last-minute changes. The show will be full and loaded with lots of great cartridges and cartridge people. Join the fun!


The info for the show on the IAA Home Page has been updated! I hope this hasn’t confused anyone. See you in Denver, PA in August!


Well, I’m happy to say I’ll be attending my very first cartridge show in Denver, PA next week. Managed to incorporate some business adventures not too far away and can almost justify driving all that way and spending more money than I should as far as my real boss (wife) goes…

I’m looking forward to meeting some of the folks that have been so helpful here on the Forum.

Is there any “In Room” dealing expected for Thursday evening/night?



Guys, make please many photos on this show. I wish to see as paradise looks.


Pavel, it is only a little Paradise, the St. Louis show is true Paradise for a cartridge collector. Most other shows are only an appetizer.

Dave, make sure to say hello. Traditionally there hasn’t been any “organized” room trading at the last 15 years of the PA Cartridge Collectors show, but I’m sure you can talk some of the other attendees into a mini-showing.


Guys, DEFINITELY take tons of pictures to post here for us that can never get away to see one of these shows. I remember some pics of this show from last year and it looked great to me.



Gentlemen, Though I’m new to the board, I’ve been a member of IAA for a few years. This will be the first collectors show that I have attended, but from the posts, It should be a good one. I have one question. How many tables will there be? Thanks, Bruce A. Carnal


It is currently full at 44 tables. We started the show at this hotel 16 years ago but moved as we grew. Unfortunately one bigger place forced us out due to an NHRA event, and the second was bulldozed to create a parking lot. We might move again in the future, but our goal is to keep the show in the same general area.


[quote=“jonnyc”]Pavel, it is only a little Paradise, the St. Louis show is true Paradise for a cartridge collector. …
We in Russia can only dream even of such small paradise. We will never have such cartridge shows. Therefore I wish all participants to find that they want and even more.


Thank you. You are invited anytime! I hope one day to get to one of the European shows.


Why there are no cartridge shows in Russia? You may own guns and ammo, so why are the shows forbidden? Here only New Jersey forbids gun shows, even though pistol home possession is legal and easy to get.


Because people there can not afford and fear harassment of the authorities. In Russia it is very unusual to hire a lawyer to firght for your rights (well and most people have no money for a lawyer anyways).


My collection consists only of inert cartridges, but I am compelled to hide it because any Russian policeman can freely take away it from me. He will think up an occasion and will confiscate a collection. Later I will receive a paper in which will be written that the policeman has send my cartridges to check up - live they or no - and all cartridges were lost in the course of examination. Therefore we will never have similar shows as we are afraid of a police arbitrariness. Once again I wish your of good luck in filling of your collections


Could you please post exact postal address of Holiday Inn in Denver,PA so I can use my GPS. I am far away down south and lost my original St.Louis flyer with show address. So I am relying on internet.


It’s on the posted info: