2010 IAA Election


2010 IAA Election Underway…

As was announced at SLICS, I have agreed to chair the Nominating Committee. It is an important election as all 5 Officers and 2 of the Directors slots are up for election.

The 5 Officer Positions:

President (Pepper Burruss)
Vice-President and Journal Editor (Chris Punnett)
Treasurer (John Scott)
Secretary (Bob Ruebel)
Membership Chairman (Gary Muckel)

The 2 Director Positions held by:

Will Adye-White
Andrew Duguid

Here is the time line and the process:

The slate of candidates will be finalized by July 31, 2010.

The Nominating Committee will be asking potential candidates to identify themselves to the Committee prior to this date. The Nominating Committee may also directly approach individuals to determine if they are interesting in standing for election. If interested, you must provide a biography and reason why you are running (250 words max). This information will appear with the ballot.

A note for those considering putting their name forward: There is a time commitment associated to all of these positions – some more than others. You may be asked to participate in other committees and projects. Such activities may account for 5 or more hours/month. Additionally, the IAA Board meets annually at SLICS and there are on-going IAA activities at this event which have time commitments. Your attendance at SLICS is expected. These are all volunteer positions.

The ballots will appear in the Sept/Oct Journal.

The ballots must be submitted by November 25, 2010.

Voting can be done by either mail or e-mail. Voting instructions will appear on the ballot.

The results will be run in the Jan/Feb Journal.

If you are interested in being a candidate, please let any of the Nominating Committee members know.

Paul Smith, Chair
Ray Meketa
Dave McKay

p.s. this announcement will appear in the next Journal. You must be a member of the IAA to be a candidate and/or to vote.


Call for Candidates…

Please note the July 31 deadline is fast approaching.

If you are interested in being a candidate, please contact the Nominating Committee.

Paul Smith
Ray Meketa
Dave McKay


Only a couple of weeks left for any potential candidates to express their interest.

Please contact me or any of the committee members if you are interested in running.



A reminder that the deadline to vote is Thursday, November 25th (midnight Pacific Time).

Voting instructions and ballot for mail-in or e-ballot are to be found in your last Journal.


Paul Smith