2013 headstamp on 9x19 by CAVIM of Venezuela

Here a 9x19 image I extracted from the CAVIM catalog (in same resolution as given there).
Is anybody able to fully ID the markings?
Are variants known?


Is the catalog available online?



Brian, yes, it is at the CAVIM website.
It is slow loading and there is extremely little ammo.

Alex, this is an example of the new headstamp style with a code that identify the recipient, in order to track the source if the cartridge is stolen. Headstamp of this one is CAVIM 13 OG063, that is the code assigned to the UNES (Experimental National University of Security), a training institution for the security forces.



Fede, thanks!
I wonder if you’ll ever stop to surprise me!

Are other codes known?
And are other CAVIM 9x19 hs known (older or newer or just anything).

I guess those UNES folks are very busy right now.

CAVIM 12 OP135 made for the Bolivarian National Police (PNB):

I think that “OP” stand for “Organismo Policial” and “OG” stand for “Organismo Gubernamental”.

Just great!
What bullet is that?

That’s the AEX (Alta Expansión) 7,15 g developed by CAVIM in 2012.


Thanks Fede and Ruslan!!!

Great reference.

Would I be correct to assume that Cavim had copied the AEX design from the Federal EFMJ? Maybe Federal’s patent on the basic design had expired by then, and this was also around the time that Federal came out with the newly branded “Guard Dog” line for retail sale. Myself (and a few other collectors) would love to get our hands on a few of those AEX 9mm cartridges.

EOD - Following are the Venezuelan headstamps I have in my own collection. All are auto pistol:

.32 Auto (7.65 mm Browning)(from one-time commercial importation)

C A V I M 7. 6 5

,380 Auto (9 mm Browning Short): (Also from one-time commercial importation)

C A V I M .3 8 0

9 x 19 mm Luger:

V E N 68 (Looks to me like it is FN-made). Purple PA & CMS)
V E N 7 1 (Likely made by CAVIM) Green PA & CMS
V E N 7 3 (Don’t know who made it, but again, looks “FN”). Purple PA & CMS
CAVIM 7 6 Green PA, no CMS
CAVIM 76 Green PA & CMS
C A V I M 8 1 Green PA, no CMS
C A V I M 81 Red PA & CMS
C A V I M 83 Green PA & CMS

All of the 9 mm Luger rounds have brass primer, except for dates 81 (red seals only) and 83, which have nickel primer cups.

Many of these rounds came from the Venezuelan equivalent of our Secret Service, three or four of whom came in the store after a visit to our store of the President of Venezuela, 25 or so years ago. I got along real well with their spokesman, who purchased a lot of items, including holsters. To try the fit he took his Browning HP out, and unloaded it (they were carrying them cocked and UNLOCKED, by the way, and indicated they had never had an accident). He allowed me to look at his cartridges, and when I expressed interest and told him I was a collector, after sitting in the car with his compadres, he brought back into the store this mini-collection of variations. The only one I had previously was the earliest - the VEN 68 round, which I acquired along with a round with FN headstamp made for Venezuela. Nice chaps. Too bad what happened to what was a very advanced country and very friendly to the USA.

John Moss

I cannot resist noting that they still call it Parabellum, like the NATO STANAG does.

John, thanks a lot for this insight!

Does anybody know when they started to use these coded lot numbers?

Alex and hooke1978,

Thanks for the catalog link!


Is the “GN” lot identifier on the crate posted by Hooke the suctomer ID or is this one not related to the hs?

The customer is the Bolivian MOD if “my” Spanish is not fully missleading me.

Venezuela - officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ;)

P.S. Photo description:
Este miércoles, en la sede de la Universidad Experimental de la Seguridad (Unes) se llevó a cabo la entrega de 1 millón 125 mil municiones marcadas por parte de la Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Industrias Militares (Cavim) a oficiales en formación de esa institución y a funcionarios de la Policía Nacional Bolivariana (PNB)

Oh well! This shows how easy it is to get things wrong!

So it is still the National Police?