2013 slics auction

Are the auction items going to be listed soon?

The auction is not going to be listed before SLICS. This year, and in the coming years, half of the items will not even be collected until SLICS.

So if you have a good item to be auctioned bring it with you. There will be 80 spots open.

If I understand this correctly, you are preventing anyone who doesn’t come to the convention from bidding on anything.

Well, I am not. However the IAA is. It has to do partially with the IAA’s non-profit status, and the amount of money that can be raised by non-member activities, as well as providing a greater focus on services for members. It also allows for people to get quicker access to money from items they consign. Previously they would give up their lot for sometimes up to a year. Now half of the lots are consigned a few days before the auction which makes it easier for some people.

You can always have a friend at the auction bid for you. A bit more difficult to organize now, but still possible.

Anyone who wants to do the work for the auction is welcome to volunteer to the IAA leadership- the past efforts putting out catalog lists in advance and hauling stuff around and doing the accounting really is a lot of work- done by volunteers.

I am grateful for their service!

Several IAA members have their own ammunition auctions with excellent catalogs, so there are other opportunities to add to your collection. But, going to SLICS and bidding in person is great fun, and highly recommended.

Some of the aspects of the past auctions were not totally compliant with the requirements of the IAA status as a tax-exempt organization. Those of you who are members will know that the IAA status was suspended for, in previous years, not submitting the proper forms to the IRS and for not paying taxes on income derived from non-members. We have invested significant money and effort in 2012 to regain our status. The package requesting reinstatement required extensive reporting of our detail financial data back through 2008, and great details on how the IAA activities were conducted. If you recall, this submission required a change to our bylaws to be more compliant with the law and IRS regulations for tax-exempt organizations (the IAA is a 501c7- social organization). The alternative would be to disestablish the IAA and give away all our funds and assets in accordance with the bylaws. This was one factor in changing the auction.

The other was that it is a huge amount of work and it was all being done by a small group, but mostly one, volunteer. We couldn’t sustain the effort, and the cost of the catalog took away from the earnings.

If you are interested in more detail on either of these points, please drop me an email.

The IAA is an all volunteer organization, from the articles in the Journal to all the activities of the association. The truth is there are never enough volunteers to do all that needs to be done, much less what could be done. We have major tasks, like taking care of the headstamp code data on the website which hasn’t been updated in about 6 years because we have nobody to do it.
There are quite a number of IAA jobs that don’t require attendance at SLICS. If anyone out there would like to help out, please drop me an email.

IAA Treasurer