2013 SLICS Seminars - Speaker Line-Up


This coming SLICS marks the 10th year of seminars at SLICS.

We are looking for another speaker - so if you wish glamour, fame and fortune, well I’m guessing we won’t see you at SLICS.

If however, you would like recognition amongst your peers and to share information, please contact me. We can assist in putting together your presentation and making it PowerPoint ready.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (just pm me) if you have any questions.


IAA Research Committee


Here is your line-up for the IAA Seminar at SLICS 2013…

Our sincere thanks to Jim, Chief and Tammy for volunteering to make a presentation!

IAA Research Committee


In case anyone is wondering about NIBIN:

Sounds like an interesting seminar (all 3)!



I’m wondering about “LOTS & DOTS” ??


My guess was a talk on the SCAMP marked 5.56 and other headstamps (although I may be wrong).


Anybody know who Jim Webb is? I don’t see his name in the IAA membership directory. I’d like to contact him re: his seminar topic.



I think this is what they call a ‘teaser’.

Jeff is none other than our very own ‘dArtagnan’.



Thanks Paul. I won’t tell anyone. ;-)



The seminar by d’Artagnan will likely deal with the deciphering of lot numbers and that of the various dots, and sometimes other symbols, that are being used in this incestuous era of cartridge-case making, to identify the case maker, for in-house purposes of the manufacturers involved. That pretty much started with Speer, but now has spread even to European manufacturers, including Russia.

Wish I could be there for it. I find the topic interesting, but confusing.