2018 SLICs Friday night Auction questions


It maybe to early or I missed it the journal, I can’t seem to see anything on the live auction, to donate or a list of items being sold?
If anyone can add please do.
Dave Call


Contact Dan LeClair to donate. His address is in your membership list.

As to a list I think that is generated at the show when / after everything has been submitted.


Dave; Check my web site, www.Gyrojet.net, for a partial list of items I’m consigning in the Friday night live auction, There should be well over 100 more from others.

I screwed up by calling the Friday night live auction the “IAA-Benefit Friday Night Live Auction” because all of the sellers’ sales commissions go to benefit the IAA while the rest go to the individual seller. The official “IAA Benefit Silent Auction” is Thursday 1 - 5 pm and all of the lots have been donated so the IAA gets 100% of the proceeds.


Thanks Pete.
Odd, if the IAA could list the items on line, it “may” get more people to come to SLICs ? I like the idea you have to be there to bid, but it would be nice to know ahead of time what is in the auction so you can check and see if needed.
any way Thank you again.
My Best, Dave


Thanks Mel, Best dave


Yes Dave I don’t know about the traveling bit, but I might promote asking a buddy to bid for you.

No Idea about the online list as I think it’s pretty hectic getting everything in the computer Then getting the catalog printed, & then manning the table for folks wanting to actually handle the round to see it it meets their expectations. All this usually happens on the day of the auction, as I recall. So Dan & his crew are pretty busy.


Good point :-) and yes we are all busy, seem like the older we get the fast old father time goes.