2019 dated .300 Winmag from Federal

I noticed today that in a current-production box of Federal Fusion 180gr soft-points, that they used 2019 dated brass. I hadn’t seen dated .300 Winmag much before that I recall, and I could only guess that this was some brass from some military contract that they are using up? The current box version for Federal Fusion came out last year, and I can not find dated brass on any other caliber from the same current era, even on .308 which one would presume might be the place to find it.

FC 300winmag hs 2019

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Same brass used in the US SOCOM Mk248 Mod 0 / Mod 1 sniper round for the Mk13 rifle.

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Hi Matt,

Here’s what I have:


Also have '09 and '12 (both have the blue ps).

And here’s a WCC load:


These are all military loads (not softpoints).