2020 SLICS & Renaissance Hotel

I am a bit confused.

I called Renaissance Hotel on Monday to make my reservation for this years SLICS. Just an FYI, they didn’t know “SLICS” but found a discount under “Cartridge Show.”

I was able to get a room for Tuesday through Friday nights at the reduced rate. For some reason I could not get a reduced rate for Monday (April 6) – I was told the rooms available for the reduced rate were sold out. There were other rooms available but for over double the price.

This seemed a bit odd, why wouldn’t the same number of rooms be available for the whole week? I’m not second guessing the organizers and I don’t know what arrangements they made. I guess I’m just giving people a heads up.

I also thought that (last year) parking was included but I may not have remembered clearly – my head was spinning (in a good way).

In any event, I’ll see you all there on Tuesday – with an extra $111/$225 to spend!


Yes they tried to run this extra day stuff on me too. I was not happy. But i tried again calling the hotel it’s self & used “International Cartridge Show” to get the rate $111.00 room rate for 5 nights.

Parking should be included, it always has been in the past.

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I called the hotel directly when I made the reservation. I’ll call again tonight and see about the parking. The $15/day will go a long ways towards my collection budget.

I may have had somebody new on the phone that evening.


You may want to talk to Aaron about talking to the hotel & see what he has to say if parking was in the agreement?

PS come by the table / room & introduce your self. Always nice to put a face to a name.

The room block blocks off so many of each type of room for each day, and there are less on Monday because less people come on Monday.

However there are still 1-king bed rooms left on the block on Monday, just the 2-queen beds are already sold out.


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Thanks Aaron, I figured there was some reason for having fewer rooms available.

Can you tell me/us if parking is included?

Yes anyone who goes to the show gets free parking pass.

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