2021 SLICS Wish List - WTB 66mm M72A2 LAW Projectile (and More!)

I resurrected this thread and renamed from last year!

After all of the discussion about the 9mm SMAW round I would like a sectioned one (to go with the one I was given at SLICS 2019).

Any penetrator rounds, preferably ones that shows the individual pieces (that are sectioned or can be taken apart). I don’t have many of these so I’m open to suggestions. Small APFSDS or something like this:

(although I think the fin stabilized ones are WAY cooler!)

A 40mm antenna cartridge GR103. From what I understand this was used in Vietnam and had a coil of wire that was fired above the jungle canopy to deploy the wire as an antenna.

50/30 Salvo Squeezebore. From what I understand there are 11 variations. I have 3 rounds, what I think are two type 6 on the left and the other is a type 7. Any other types would help my collection. A sectioned one of these would also be nice. I would like to have a more complete “set.”

These next two might be pretty pricey, so tell me the cost - I wouldn’t want someone to bring something big to St. Louis only to have me say it’s too much $.

2.75" Rocket (for the Hydra Rocket System?)

** From last year**
I recently picked up a LAW launcher at a local gun show and am looking to buy a projectile.

I realize that these are a one shot, disposable item (not re-loadable), but I’m sure that there are inert projectiles out there that are used for training/demonstration purposes. I’d like to have one to go with this launcher.

I will be attending SLICS and could pick it up there.