2021 St. Louis International Cartridge Show - March 31 – April 3, 2021

Website is updated for 2021 and the show dates are March 31 – April 3, 2021.

Also, the room block is reserved and the link is live to reserve your rooms.

I’ll be sending out international invites soon and updates on table reservations. Pretty much, if you had a table reserved last year; you’ve got one this year.

And I have room for more tables! This should be a great show since everyone saved all their money through 2020 due to the lack of other gun and cartridge shows.


Hopefully the “Argentine dream team” can be present, with its few dollars and bad English, but the best cookies (alfajores) and the best Malbec wine. And above all, magic !!!


I look forward to my Argentine friends and their Malbec which I fell in love with when Chris and I visited. In fact, my wife and I finished a bottle of their Malbec tonight while we watched the debate.

In return, I will have a bottle or so of whisky to share with them!

I have missed you guys!



Thanks Aaron - hopefully our borders are open by then…

Question on domestic US flights with ammo: for people that buy cartridge’s at the show and want to bring them home (is that redundant? I don’t know anyone who would buy cartridges and not want to bring them home…) are you able to fly them back with you or do you have to ship them? Can it be checked in your bag and are there specific requirements like having them in a locked box? Or is it easier to stop at a UPS shipping office before leaving and ship them to yourself? Curious what other collectors do.

Many people fly with ammo. There are definitely requirements and limits. http://cartridgecollectors.org/?page=shipping is an old article, but is mostly still accurate. Half-way down is a section on ammo in checked bags.

But UPS is definitely an option too and may even be less of a hassle. I think some people even have the hotel just give it to the UPS driver.

Maybe some people can comment on their experiences?

In my opinion, UPS is DEFINITELY the best option. Yes, you can leave your package at the hotel front desk and it will arrive at your door a few days later. I do it every year. UPS package needs to have ORM-D or UN diamond on it. There are no special TSA or FAA or airline requirements, no weight limits and no hassles with TSA or airline personnel. (Believe you me, and I am speaking from personal experience, you DO NOT want a glitch at the airport with many dollars worth of cartridges at stake and your flight in jeopardy.)

Thanks for the input. I like the UPS idea.

I have been shipping my purchases home via UPS for about 15 years and I’ve never had a problem on that front. I’ve had a couple of shows where UPS didn’t pick up the package for a day or two, but it always makes it to me eventually. I bring a box, a pre-paid label, packing tape, and some bubble wrap, and I package everything up Friday night after the auction. I leave it with the front desk on my way to the airport on Saturday morning and I schedule a pickup via the UPS website.

I usually bring a few plastic 20-round MTM cartridge boxes as well so I can bring back smaller cartridges in my luggage. I tape them shut with a few wraps of packing tape, and I’ve never had any problems. When I check my bag I let the agent know I have ammunition but no firearm, and they never seem to care.

Anything with a colored tip gets shipped in the UPS package. Tracers, incendiary, etc. aren’t allowed in checked luggage, and I imagine that if my bag does get inspected, they won’t take the time to consult Scranton’s color code guide to verify the projectile type :).

I believe that .50 BMG is the upper limit for ammunition in checked luggage. I always ship my .50s just to be on the safe side, plus the fact that they can eat up your 5 kg limit pretty quickly.

SLICS 2021:
There we go !!!

We are in the middle of January. Any thoughts about SLICS 2021 problems or changes? What is local info on such gatherings in March 2021? Would vaccination be a “must” for attending?

The US still has a travel ban on people from Europe and I think it is very unlikely that that will change in the next two months. Currently in Germany we have a “total” lock down and are not even allowed more than 10 miles from home. Officially till end of January but most likely to be extended till Easter.
Let’s hope for 2022 . . . . . . . .

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