20g Pinfire Shotshell made by Alfred Isidore Honoré Parent

Here is a 20g Pinfire Shotshell made by Alfred Isidore Honoré Parent of Paris, France.


Hi Aaron,

Beautiful one.
Can you put a date on this one?
Looks like it is rather short?

regards René

It is rather short. It’s about an 1.75 inches long. It was the only shell I had that was short enough to fit in this particular gun.


I do not know an exact date but he did make a British patent on pinfire shells in 1863 but this does not seem to be using that patent. In the 1840s he had a patent on buttons.

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Great & very pretty shell Aaron, you can send it to me so you don’t have to move it?


Thanks Aaron

My specimen is1.8” long just wanted to be sure.
Regards rené

This shell is not from Parent but from Chasseboeuf

  1. the paper is is typical of Chasseboeuf
  2. the hstp is from Chasseboeuf
  3. Parent’s patent is about a “sans deperdition cartridge” which is not obviously ths one
  4. Parent’s trade mark is not that

And one is not the successor of the other because Chasseboeuf was in Britain and Parent in Paris


so the headstamp initial AP is NOT assigned to Alfred …Parent? If not, what it resambles it than?


here hstp from chasseboeuf

and here hstp from Parent

the hstp of the cartidge is an evolution of the first Chasseboeuf mark


Hi JP,
Thx for the pics…
but why than the letters A P besides the similar loge from Chasseboeuf…
For what they should stand?
I cannot find any coincidence from A P , with the name of Chasseboeuf, except that the headstamps show the middle sign of the old Chasseboeuf Trademark (if it was a trademark or just a choosen sign from him)
I am more interested in the letters A P , as in the cross with the leaveform …
If this cross with leaveform was not registered, than it could be used from everyone, or?

Thx for your help


we do not know the meaning of AP in Chasseboeuf hstp.

it could be a lot of things !

it is not a cross but an ermine paw and it was registered . i showed you trademarks.


So did Zwecker just randomly guess/make things up?

I do not know
Ask him

when you writte an article or a book it is whith the info (or not) you have AT THE MOMENT YOU WRITTE IT.

But perhaps you have info (or more accurate info) later changing (or not) what you wrote.

Therefore if a reference is not given in the book it is not gospel word.



Apparently this is one he fixed too in a later update. So I must not have the most up-to-date updates for this guide.

Someone sent me the 1.1 version of this page:

But yes, I hate having to rely so much on non-sourced information. There is very little documentation available for a lot of these early European manufacturers.

Does anyone know where one can order or get Zweckers Guide?

Vic Engel may still have some copies. It is where i bought mine. But there may be some packets missing from later updates,

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