20Ga Handcannon or dingbat

This was represented as a “20ga Handcannon Dummy” what ever that is. It’s basically a 20ga plastic shell with a blackened 22 rimfire dummy blank (impress U) as a primer. Under the top wad it appears to be totally empty.

What is it, a dingbat or legit cartridge?

20 ga hand cannon resized_result

20 ga handcannon HS resized_result

wad small_result



Paul, this is a legit rimfire primed 20 ga. M10 flare for the Remington Marine Flare and Signaling Kits Mk 35 and Mk 40 from 1965. You have a dummy variation, but there are also loaded examples with a length of 2 1/2 inches (M10, red flare) and 4 1/8 inches (M15, orange smoke). Regards, Fede.



Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I have a couple of new “rimfires” to look for.