20mm AMR/Sniper ammunition


While searching something else I found this NAVSEA presentatin on 20x102 ammunition being used in AMR/sniper rifles. I think I posted a question some years before on new made US cartridges in 20x110 HS which are related to this.

dtic.mil/ndia/2009infantrysm … xi8503.pdf

So did this 20mm issue go somewhere? Is it still under evaluation? Anything new on the ammunition?


Thanks for the link - a fascinating presentation with a lot of good data in it.

I haven’t heard of any progress since then. It doesn’t seem to have been mentioned at either the 2010 or 2011 NDIA meetings.


For the US, not going anywhere. Gun’s too heavy, recoil’s too bad (despite the brake and damper), ammo’s too heavy, etc. Just a solution looking for a problem. Ammo source was the considerable stockpile the US still has left over from the Korean and VN wars.


Ah. There have been a lot of those…


This ammo was expired then we can assume. I been told that for the tests new 20x110 ammunition was made.