20mm Becker HE Question


Does anyone have any pictures or schematics of the round and fuzing for the 20mm x 70mm RB Becker High Explosive Round. I’ve been to some sites and have only seen the AP. I have one at home but the fuze is age welded (bi-metalic bonding) to the round and I don’t want to girf (an old EOD term) it up taking it off. EOD Techs LOVE to take ordnance apart, but barring that, we can look at pretty pictures. Thanks.


I hope you can use this…


gyrojet–Nice chart if I could read it. I know I am an old fart, but any chance the out of focus is the posted image and not my old eyes? Could you post a “in-focus” chart?


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Something is wrong with image, it does not show. Do only I have this problem?


Here are some pictures…



Paul, outstanding! Your’s is a type 1 case.


Gyrojet–MUCH better. Now I can cancel my appointment with my eye doctor.


Thank You all. My round has a fuze similar to the B17. The odd thing is that the fuze is zinc and the wrench flats are flat and not rounded. Nor does it have the set back arming plugs in the sides of the fuze. I think the round I have is dated '18. Did they make a simpler fuze towards the latter part of the war or did they make a practice round with a fuze to simulate the HE round?


Zinc is the more common one for the HE shells. The brass ones are hard to find and those I have seen so far were on type 1 shells (as the one above).

There is also a dummy fuze plug made of zinc.

The wrench flats exist in both forms you mentioned.

You should have shown a photo of your shell from the beginning.


EOD, Thank you for the information. I would send pictures but I’m currently working 1000 kilometers from my home. Also, it seems that anytime I’ve tried to do pictures on other forums, I make a dreadful mess of it. None the less, I’ll bring my camera with me the next time I go home and take some pictures and see what happens. Thanks again.


bacarnal, no hurry, we are looking forward to see your images.


Does anyone know the manufacturer of the headstamp AM listed in this topic?


Cartridgecorner, this is not AM but AWS = Artilleriewerkstatt Spandau (an artillery arsenal)


Thanks, I would have never guessed that one or made out those initials until you said it. Thanks for the info!