20mm Breda H/S ID

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Can anyone provide details of this headstamp?.
The case is 20 x 138B Breda, Italian(SMI) .

Are the numbers the date (1940?) and what/who is PG?.

Thanks in advance.
thumbnail_20mm Headstamp

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1/940 is 1940, the 1 is either a Lot number/ month number/ quarter no.???
PG may be the Italian Artillery Service Inspector’s Initials…surname first, .
Unlike SAA, Non-govt manufacture of larger calibres carried an Inspectors Mark ( 20mm and over)

Contact Giovanni Defrancisi for more Info.
Doc AV


And not to nitpick but it still is a 20x138B Rheinmetall. Then which was fired from the Italian gun made by the Breda works under Rheinmetall licence.

So gun and cartridge are Rheinmetall.

Haha, i knew someone would point that out .
I called it Breda to give it context…was tempted to call it Solothurn just for fun…;)

The Italians also used the 20x138B for Antitank Solothurn
S18-1000. Wheeled AT, semi Auto,
Side box magazine: handles/ trails to move around on battlefield.
Used mostly in North Africa.
Doc AV

Nifty little guy (“L3 controcarro”)!


SMI is the headstamp of the “Società Metallurgica Italiana”
1 is the production semester
940 defines the production year 1940
PG are the initials of the production controller
20 specifies the caliber, 20 millimeters for the Italians “Breda”



Thanks, exactly the info I was after.