20mm canadian Dummy

I have a canadian Dummy.
I thought it was a 20x110 HS dummy at first, but that’s not true. The extractor groove is much narrower, the shoulder angle is not right and the case length is only 105mm.
The bullet is soldered into the case and the Primer pocket has no ignition holes.
What kind of cartridge is it?


Looks a bit like an unfinished 20mm Oerlikon case ,what is the total length?
That shoulder is not Hispano, and most ‘American’ (I know this is Canadian) Oerlikon is Mk.11 from what i’ve seen. Also the rim doesn’t look right for either!

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The total lenght is 178 mm.

Perhaps an item from some type of experimental R&D?

Remember the 25 x 105mmRR Canadian experimental cartridge discussed here:

One is a Canadian tracer round (not sure) TR=three Riviere Plant Quebec,wich
produced Oerlikon rounds during the war.The other an Oerlikan 20mm dummy

The dummy round has a wood plug inside and from the other round
the bullet is brown.