20mm cycle blank?

So quite some time ago i found these 2, what appear to be, blanks which i think are made for 20 MM cannons so the weapon can cycle and can eject the case, so no projectile leaves the barrel. What do you guys think or know?



These are inserts for DM128 20x139 blanks made/developed by Rheinmetall.
The 20x102 case is incorrect here - the usual stuffing game.

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Dutch manufactured 20x139 blank

And the patent for it:

Telescoping Blank Cartridge_001_1991-1996.pdf (211.3 KB)

Tony, why do you think it is dutch?

Hi EoD,
because it’s ‘marked up’ as NWM (Nederlandsche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek NV) on the headstamp and very faintly on the ‘insert’ stencil.

I was not aware they started making them there too as I knew only those from tests and the first production lots.
But then no wonder as NWM is a Rheinmetall subsidiary.

The Dutch NWM made the test rounds and the original rounds.
They were also made by Rheinmetall - Unterlüß and Pyrotechnik Silberhütte.Germany
The Long version is the final version DM128.!
The original round NWM is a DM1323A1 with the DM128
The new one from PSH has the normal DM1323 case(upload://noVVpj40RHK1fryPuTxklyxtbz3.jpeg)

collection from Ramon Houtzager


Nice! I recognize some of the rounds! :)

That is an amazing selection!