20mm display/storage

20mm’s, both Hispano and Oerlikons, fit perfectly into this commercial test tube rack. If any 20mm collectors want them at SLICS or Williamsport, let me know.

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Do you know where I might find a WW2 20mm brass shell casing with the Navy anchor stamp on the base? I like your collection.

Hmm, I don’t remember seeing a Navy anchor on 20mm. I’d like to see one too.

Thanks, I saw one advertised on eBay several months ago that claimed to have an anchor, I did not see a picture. Tried to buy it and got out bid. Would like to have one.

Here is one, on a 20x110 Oerlikon, but it’s not for sale.

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Pete, is it rare?

Had it for a long time & didn’t pay much for it when i got it, so sorry but no idea of the rarity.

It’s from a good year so …

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  1. Must be a year when many famous ammo collectors were born?

Do you mean famous or infamous? :)