20mm Gun Powder Glass Bottle

Not really sure exactly what this is, but thought it was interesting. It was on Gunbroker.



That’s a neat item to own.

I see it’s from Hawthorne NV which was the largest Naval ammunition depot during WWII.

We used similar samples on board ship. A powder sample was put in the bottle along with a piece of Litmus paper, the whole thing sealed and stored along with the ammunition. It was checked periodically for color changes in the paper which would indicate potential breakdown of the powder. I assume that Hawthore did the same thing.

I go through Hawthorne every couple of years on my way to shoot in Reno. The facility is still there but greatly reduced in size. It’s now the Hawthorne Army Depot. Thousands of the old above-ground bunkers are still there and can be seen from 50 miles away. They are supposed to be empty but I would give anything to be able to go through them and look for artifacts.


I have two of those bottles from Hawthorne also. I suspect at the Depot level, they are used for testing should they receive complaints from the filed about deteriorating powder of specific lot numbers. Just an educated guess.

Stuff like that is interesting. My labels are a bit faded, but most of the information can still be read. I don’t recall where I got them - probably given to me, since i never had the funds to buy nice items that didn’t directly relate to my auto pistol cartridge collection (and later my 7.9 collection).

I knew you guys would know what this was. I do not own this one, just noticed it on gunbroker and found it pretty wild. Thanks big time.