20mm H-S projos

I bought the 3 rounds on the left. What can ya’ll tell me about the projectiles?

The one on the far left appears the same profile as my M95 AP-T, but mine doesn’t have a red band. It’s been repainted.


Any markings/dates (stampings) on the projectile bodies or the copper driving bands?



Any markings/dates (stampings) on the projectile bodies or the copper driving bands?


Nothing on any of the driving bands.

#3 has a LOT# and datecode stamping, but nothing else.

#1 and 2 are both refinished with nothing original.


The projectile on the left has the profile and color coding that matches a 20 x 102mm API projectile used by some European countries, don’t know it is a current loading or not. The one I’ve seen pictured was manufacturer by FN of Belgium, designation marking on projectile: 20 x 102 API FN 144.

Don’t know if this helps or just “muddies the water”.



The most left one (nr1) is for sure NOT a 20x102 FN144. The FN144 has a complete flush windshield reaching almost the driveband (gap ±2mm), and looks a lot ‘shorter’ than the projectile shown on jestrertoo’s picture.

Guess Jestertoo is correct on assuming it’s a US 20x110 M95 projectile. Check the dimentions of your projectile againt those of the drawing.



Thanks for the correction, information and FN sheet.

I don’t have the projectile, I was only able to go off of a photograph from BOCN which shows the same color coding, black painted projectile with red band just above the driving band and the stenciling (in white) giving the projectile type, maker and lot number.


The 3rd projo, black is a US “ball” round.

It has a little circle symbol with something in the middle (maybe an M?) and tick marks at 12 and 6 o’clock.
LOT-52354-11 8-42.
Can anyone identify the Circle symbol?

The 2nd looks like some sort of plain ball or tracer. It has a cavity for tracer. No markings left.

ETA: Maybe M75 AP-T?

ETA2: Found this picture and thread on IAA