20mm Hispano / DURA

  • My picture from below [it will be posted soon] shows 2 impressed headstamps for the 20mm Hispano rimless round [20X110]. The shell case from left dated 1942 is made of brass, the other is made of steel in 1943. Both shell cases show the same maker’s mark “DURA” which stands for “Dura Co.” [Division of Detroit Harvester], Toledo [Ohio], USA. “Dura Co.” manufactured 20mm Hispano brass shell cases only in 1942 and 20mm Hispano steel shell cases only in 1943. —> The style of the primer crimp is very interesting, in 5 points like a star. I did not see this type of primer crimp to any other cartridge. Anyone who knows a cartridge having this type of primer crimp??? Liviu 11/11/07

I have a couple of 20x110 cases with these primer crimps, made in the USA and from the same era. The headstamps are:

G.M.S. 1943 20MM M21A1 (Globe Machine and Stamping Co., Cleveland, OH)

ASC 1942 20MM M21A1 (A.S. Campbell Co. Inc, Boston, MA)

  • @ Falcon: I also have a 20mm Hispano [20X110] fired brass case headstamped “G.M.S. 1943” over “20MM M21A1” but it has a common style primer crimp [a circle around the primer]. Liviu 11/11/07