20mm Hispano projectile ID - MMD

This 20mm Hispano was a nice gift from my fiancés grandfather on the weekend. A single drilled hole in the case to dump the powder otherwise untouched.

Headstamp is BBC 1941 20MM which is from Bridgeport Brass Co.
I havent been able to get a name for the projectile which I presume is AP of some sort. Not sure about the stamping on the projectile either.
Any suggestions.

The projectile is a hollow steel Target practise projectile. AP Projectiles were pointed.

There is some disagreement as to whether these cases were made by Bridgeport or an unidentified company in the UK. I have a similar case which is Berdan primed. I also think that the text looks more British than American although others will disagree.

There are plenty of American WW2 era 20mm cases which are definitely made by Bridgeport Brass Co. around. The headstamps use a very different font and the cases are Boxer primed (usually with a nickeled primer cup).

Sorry I can’t help you with “MMD”. TonyE may know.

Does this projectile have an official designation?
The meaning of MMD might help solve the origin of the case.

The projectile was made by the Auto-Lite Corporation (Metal Manufacturing Division) in the USA.


Great info. So it would make sense that the case is also USA made.