20mm hispano with conical bullet?

Can anyone shed more light on the purpose of this projectile?

20mm Hispano, fired case, inert. Headstamp - 20MM 1941 plus three broad arrows

projectile is non-magnetic. There is a small hole in the projectile on one side just where the taper starts, about 1mm dia and blind, probably not more than 1mm deep

It could be a dingbat, but the hole shows that the projectile is jacketed, so the projectile even if not original for this round, must be a real one for something!

Any help appreciated


This one shows all features of a self made plug.

Is the “projectile” loose in the case? It would be interesting to see the rest of it if you can easily pull it out without damaging it.

After a bit of inventiveness ( a homemade kinetic puller built from fibreglass antenna mast sections!) I managed to work it loose enough to pull. It now looks definately like some oddball homemade thing, the jacketing now looks more like plating, and theres some rather nasty file marks on the base

Which really begs the question, why bother? Seems a lot of trouble to have gone to

Never too much work for a man when he can successfully plug a hole.

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