20mm id

I picked up this 20mm round at a local show. It looks like a sectioned AP round with an inerted fuse. The “GLN” is the only marking I’ve been able too find. The fuse is unmarked and the fuse base is drilled and tapped. I’m not sure the fuse and projo are correct as the mating dia’s seem to be off.

Any help with an ID for this projectile would be appreciated


the shell is a multipurpose type
the case is wrong (it is a 20mm hispano suiza 404)
the right case is the 20x102 vulkan for this shell


The case is dated 43 and is going to be used with an M75 projo I have. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a Vulcan case.

It seems like there was some color on the fuse at one time but has worn off to very faint bands.

PGU-28/B HEI MP for the “Vulcan” 20mm Gatling Gun. It’s the new streamlined profile. GLN is Galion (as in Ohio) Valentec production. I have some of the projos sectioned like this as well as the Blue TP PGU27B version, also sectioned. Considering the geographics, ours probably all came from the same source I’d bet. The fuses (just empty bodies, this type projectile doesn’t need a mech fuse) don’t seem to screw into the sectioned bodies very well, but those not sectioned fit perfectly. So they may very well be the correct nose afterall.