20mm ID?


I don’t normally get 20mm rounds, but this one caught me as something uncommon. The projectile shape and internal case construction seemed odd and interesting to me. Any ID help or comments appreciated.
The projo and case are polished steel, with a copper driving band. There appears to be a steel pin through the case, approximately an inch from the base, that secures an internal weight that does rattle a bit. Other than the headstamp, the only markings are on the projo:
LOT 9829-15


National Enameling and Stamping Co., Milwaukie, WI.

  • @ jonnyc: Your 20X110 Hispano rimless steel shell case was manufactured by “NECO” which actually stands for “Northern Engraving and Manufacturing Co.”, La Crosse, Wisconsin. “M21A1B1” is the case designation for the 20X110 Hispano shell case made of steel. The “NECO” company manufactured 20X110 Hispano shell cases made of steel in 1942-43 and 20X110 Hispano shell cases made of brass only in 1942. Liviu 05/15/10 P.S. The logo for “National Enameling & Stamping Co.”, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was “NESCO”, not “NECO”.


Any thoughts on the loading/type?


It looks like a sold steel practise ball. As for the rod through the case which has then been filed off flush, there are alot of rounds like this around in the UK. Who does them I’m not sure.

  • @ jonnyc: As Falcon mentioned above, your 20X110 Hispano is a drill round. I’ve seen similar ones but much better made. Liviu 05/16/10