20mm Janecek

Can anybody tell me the approximate value of this 20mm Janecek rd, the headstamp is RG 1942 20mm with a purple primer annulus.

This is a calibre I don’t collect so know little more than it’s name.

  • @ Armourer: The shell case looks like a rimless 20mm Hispano [20X110] which was made in 1942 by Royal Ordnance Factory “Radway Green” (RG), Cheshire, UK. Liviu 01/23/08

This is part of a series of experimental rounds produced to try to apply the Littlejohn tapered muzzle fitting to the 20mm Hispano.

All I have seen were loaded into Radway Green cases, but were not necessarily loaded there. They may well have been loaded at RSAF Enfield or Fort halstead. There are several slightly different bullet (shell) designs and they are quite scarce.

I never like putting values on rounds as it depends just how much one wants it, but certainly

I buy one each of every type then :)

Here is a picture of a couple of different projectiles from this series. The left hand one appears very similar to yours .

Note how little intrusion into the case there is.