20mm M17 (T99) belt links


I came across this image of humble quality. It is showing 20mm M17 (T99) belt links.

My current guess is that it is for 20x102 cartridges but have no info. Also: for which gun were these links?
Are images of this link available?


Alex, this is an early link for the M61A1 gun in 20x102 caliber. Below you can see three different link available for this gun in the 1960’s.


Great picture. I just want to note–so that I can feel I contributed!–that for the M61A1 in the “towed” version (M168 IIRC), the the links were different than for the UALS used to load the M61A1 rotary drum on aircraft. We on occasion received linked 20mm marked, “Not for Aircraft Use” and sometimes this restriction was due to the type of links and once even due to the condition of the links. Of course, we had the option to relink the ammo, a labor- and time-consuming solution.


Fede, thanks a lot! The T88 was also new to me.

Taber, do you happen to know why the M168 used different links?
And which links exactly were used then?
Not to forget the M168 was used on the M163 (M113 platform) too - one of my favourites.


Alex, the M14 series is used for both aircraft M61A1 and air defense M168 guns, but at one time were packed in ammunition boxes with distinctive identification.

The M17 series were used in the M61A1 gun mounted in the Boeing B-52H, and the T88 was used in the T171E2 prototype (M61A1 forerunner).




Fede, that clears it up then.
I assume the M61A1 in the B-52H needed different links due to the flexible mount and required more free movement (small er feeding radii) fom the belt?