20mm Madsen cartridges (Danish)

Left > right

  1. brass dummy
  2. brass dummy
  3. wooden blank
  4. iron dummy
  5. AP-T variant (M39)
  6. AP-T (M39)
  7. AP-T (M38)
  8. HEI-T-SD (navy)
  9. TP-T (navy h/s PJJ44)
  10. TP (navy)

Could You post pictures of the headstamps of all those Madsen cartridges? Most, if not all, were made by Kynoch. First time I’ve heard of a PJJ hs on a 20mm. Funny though, it would be, considering the time period of the case hs, a cartridge made for the german occupiers, their TP-T projectiles were black*, not blue. Blue is more NATO afaik.

*with a coloured band denoting the tracer colour.

They all got danish headstamps (and the one having PJJ)

[quote=“thedane”]They all got danish headstamps (and the one having PJJ)[/quote]I trust You, but seeing the headstamp ‘live’ so to speak, is an important part of identifying cartridges. Remember, the germans also made a variety of 20x120 for their naval DISA guns.

The German production for German war time use was laquered steel. German brass cases were pre war and export to Denmark without (to be marked by Denmark) or already with Danish headstamps on - by now nobody was able to tell these apart from any other brass cases. Also it is still unclear if Denmark ever produced own 20x120 cases. Danish documents usually refer to German, English or Swiss production. While we do not know (not observed by now) German headstamps on those “original Danish” cases Kynoch and Oerlikon headstamps are known to having been used by the Danish.

All those cases with Danish h/s that i have examined all got

Crown and HA (HA = Hærens Ammunitionsfabrik = Army Ammunition Factory)
9 o´clock they have a capital V
3 o´clock they have a 2 diggit number refering to the year of manufactoring
6 o´clock the complete year of manufactoring.
10 o´clock i have seen capital letters “B” - “L” - “Ø” (could refer to HE - TRACER - PRACTICE)
Some few have 4 or 6 diggit numbers 2 o´clock