20MM mentioned


. . .in this video of the proper use of non-collectible ammo. Vlad, this one’s almost as good as Knob Creek.

youtube.com/watch?v=pLC1zkev … r_embedded



Hmm, Arizona, if I walk fast…it definitely looks good, now I need a plan, I am thinking.


Right, thats it, I need to live in Arizona, anyone got a house to rent ? :-)


Big Sandy is a Great shooting event
Last year I was there and from 10:00 to 21:00 it is shooting al you have!!!

12,7 sniper rifle

and a lot of tracer ammo for the night shooting


That miniature artillery piece in 20mm NATO is interesting. Looks like someone has made it.

You could have so much fun with a CNC machine shop and spare time.


Next shoot is March 26,27,28th. (SLICS conflict?) & next will be in Oct. Don’t know the date yet.
Only 124 miles from my front door.
Better than Knob Creek, so I understand from folk who have done both, over 100, 10 foot wide firing positions. Cost, unless it’s gone up, is $25, to look for the three days & $200 for 10 feet of line.