20mm PGU-27/b or a/b TP color question

I’ve seen (and have) 27a/b and 27/b that are light blue.

I’ve recently seen some that are DARK blue. Is this any significance?


Who made this round? What are the full markings on the case side, head and the projectile?
For me hard to say but if it matters to some customers it can be that the explicit color was wanted.
For example the British use a darker blue for their TP ammo. Maybe an order from there?

Unknown. I wanted to know more about the dark blue color before I chanced on ordering one from the internet. British makes sense.

Is it really dark blue or just an underexposed subject in the photo?.
That white background would throw the light meter off.
From what i can make out,looks to be a fairly standard PGU TPT.


A slightly adjusted image,with a bit more light.